Betapitch Global Finals in Berlin

We were in Berlin for Betapitch Global Finals to compete against 9 countries’ winners!

Previously we were the finalist in Betapitch Istanbul, winning the chance to compete in Global Finals

Spoiler Alert:

  After arriving to Berlin we had our breakfast and were ready for the big day. Betahaus organised this event called “Investors Day” where we had the whole day full of different activities ending with the global finals. During the they we attended to several panels. Here we met many great people from all over the world with similar passions.

We all wanted to change the world with our many different ideas for the better.

At the end of the day, crowd filled the room. It was time for the competition for finalists of Tirana, Vienna, Sofia, Hamburg, Jönköping, Mostar, Cairo, Istanbul and Lisbon. When they called Compocket I got on the stage, started giving my pitch. I checked the timer with the corner of my eye, was I slow? Do I have enough time to finish my speech? I started talking faster as timer goes 5,4 Thank you for 3,2, listening to me 1.  Okay I was just on time, now questions. After answering 3 questions the jury finally asked about our visions, goals. I checked the timer, again I had only 5 seconds left. I thought what we want most for real and was able to say “We want to global!” After the shouts of applause I turned back to my chair to watch the rest of the pitches without knowing the surprise waiting us.

We won the grand prize with an extra award, a flight to Shenzen!

Investors have heard the lofty goal of “going global” hundreds of times before, but when Compocket said it on stage at BETAPITCH Global, it came from the heart. The Istanbul-based team created a collection of pocket sized smart devices that allow users to bring lab equipment (oscilloscope, signal generator, logic analyzer, ammeter) home with them for a more efficient, computer based, and mobile compatible measurement experience. At the final event of the night, the judges awarded Compocket the BETAPITCH Global title along with 5.000€, a flight to Shenzhen, and a 3-D Printed Trophy. Betahaus states
  *Right before I broke the 3D printed trophy. 

This is the video where you can almost hear our heart beats:

  At the end of our journey we came back proudly, feeling we represented ourselves and our country very well. More information about the event