Big Bang 2017

Are you scared of public speaking and standing alone in front of a huge crowd? Can you imagine yourself pitching to 10 people, 100 or 1000?

That’s what I did on 23rd of November in Uniq Hall for ITU Big Bang Start Up Challange.

There were 11,000 applications for Big Bang 2017 and after several eliminations we got selected for Top 20, which means we had the chance to step on the stage for this year’s biggest national startup event. After the selection we were very happy and very excited. We decided that I was going to give the pitch alone. I rehearsed in front of my mom and my team for days repeatedly. The big day came rapidly, I was calm and ready until they called me to get ready at the backstage. There I was able to see the crowd, 1500 people sitting and waiting to listen to me. Then Big Bang explosion sounds, racing with my heart beats I couldn’t decide which one was which. Now it was my time, I got 5 minutes to tell everything about us. As they called my name all I can remember is very bright lights and deep silence. I managed my excitement, started talking. my speech and the time was finished in the blink of an eye. After all the pitches in the award ceremony we got 50,000 TL Ari Kovani award from Turkcell and a Workstation from HP Technology. It sure was a day to remember for all of us, we are very thankful for the awards and for the every feedback from our listeners.