Women Leaders of Technology Award- Microsoft, KAGIDER, Aydin Dogan

I was so honoured to be selected as Young Technology Star by Microsoft, Kagider and Aydin Dogan Vakfi!

The Award Ceremony Day started with the speeches of Candan Fetvaci, Sanem Oktar and Murat Kansu. 

To create a powerful Turkey in digital technology we must remove to prejudice of technology being a “Men Job”. The women who are powerful in technology will be powerful in every area! – Murat Kansu, Microsoft Turkey CEO

This year there were 9 different categories and women of all ages and professions were accepted as candidates from high school students to professional managers. I was very excited, honored and very happy to be selected as the Young Technology Star, I will continue working hard to improve myself, empower young women like me and to create an impact! Thank you for an unforgettable day!

Teknolojinin Kadin Liderleri


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