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What is USB Oscilloscope?

USB oscilloscope is one of the types of oscilloscopes. With the computers and software programs, applications, many producers make their devices compatible to the computers. Improvement in the electronics world, oscilloscopes also develop their working principles. Nowadays usb oscilloscopes are popular with many advantages. Easy yo carry, lightweight and low cost features increase their popularity. You can carry it easily with you to anywhere. It makes people to be comfortable in their project and they can produce solution when they have about their electronics. It is important to be accessible for a device when you need. Also, you may want to save and share your measurements when you use oscilloscopes in your works.


USB oscilloscope can help you to easy communication between you and your problem. Additionally, you can share your savings with you working team easily. These advantages affect many people who are from different areas and make their works easy. Moreoever, you do not need to carry different apparatus to measure your project or worry about the battery of you device. Usb oscilloscopes do not need these extra supporter apparatus because their connection design is in usb format and their battery also their inside. So, to use an usb oscilloscope make your life and works easy to handle. On the other hand, How you can read a usb oscilloscope which has not any screen? The answer is usb oscilloscope software.

After you learnt the advantages and features of usb oscilloscope, you are going to wonder working principle of it. So, let’s look at the usb oscilloscope software and it’s advantages.

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What is USB Oscilloscope Software?oscilloscope-software

Usb oscilloscope software is a program that make your usb oscilloscope results visible on your computer. By using this software, you can analyze your results on your computer without any difference from other type of oscilloscopes. It looks like much more job to do but in deep, usb oscilloscope software make your job easy. There are advatages to use this softwares. After you make your measurements visible by use your usb oscilloscope software, you can benefit from usb oscilloscope advantages plus software advantages. Let’s look them more closely.

Advantages of USB Oscilloscope Softwares


  • First of all, usb oscilloscope software, make your meausurement accessible to analyze, classify, find the problem and solution and share your data.
  • Usb oscilloscope software becomes your measurement screen but bigger than other oscilloscope with screen. To use this software, you are going to use your PC, and it is clear that PCs have bigger screen than others. So, you can see your measurement graph and problem more clear and easily.
  • When you make your measurements possible on your computer, you can easily and safely save, share and look back to your datas.
  • Nowadays, most people care their computer with them to study and make their job. So, it is normal and mostly necessary to care your computer with you. That is the reason why people prefer usb oscilloscopes actually. They can use their apparatus which is already have without any changing or any extra cost. You can easily upload your usb oscilloscope software to your computer and can carry your measurements with you.
  • There is a other advantage and trick with some of usb oscilloscopes can work even with your mobile phones by using little apparatus to connect your oscilloscope to the device. MINIS is this type of usb oscilloscope and when you see your graphs on your mobile phone, you can think that, usb oscilloscope software can work with your phone. What a big advantage for many people. Especially for students.
  • When you look at the cost, it is easy to understand that usb oscilloscope software low cost than others. So, you do not need to worry about your pocket. In stead of that, you can carry your oscilloscope in your pocket.

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