How Does Minis Work?


The only thing needed is to connect your phone, tablet or computer which the MINIS application is downloaded with a cable supplied to Minis.



Minis does not require you to connect to the power source, to set the calibration, to struggle with buttons.



A Simple Interface



With Minis's user-friendly application's interface, you can observe your measurements at your fingertips, you can work simpler as you wish. 


Enjoy working with the functions you created yourself!


You can work in the time domain or frequency domain!


Now you can carry Minis in your pocket and work wherever you are and you can have a more comfortable and technological measurement experience with a practical use. 



What are the abilities of Minis?

Minis provides a faster and more efficient measurement experience!


Minis makes all the settings by itself and makes the signals meaningful in one touch!


Minis's embedded software is this easy to download and update!


Share your measurements instantly on all channels!

 Each Minis is manufactured with craftsmanship!


Technical Specifications