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Oscilloscope is one of the most fundamental items in an electrician’s tool kit. Oscilloscopes are used for diagnosing and then displaying signal voltages. They have been in our lives since 1897 and helped us advance our civilization in many ways. When oscilloscope was first invented,they were essential bench devices and they still are. Yet useful devices oscilloscopes are bound to be updated for the sake of ease of use. This is exactly what happened to oscilloscopes. The very first prototype of the oscilloscope was known as the analog oscilloscope. Following that came digital oscilloscope, USB oscilloscope and portable oscilloscopes. In this article, we are going to focus on portable oscilloscope, which is also known as the handheld oscilloscope.

What are the uses of portable oscilloscopes? What are the differences between a regular digital oscilloscope and portable oscilloscope? Can the portable oscilloscopes do the things that digital oscilloscope can do perfectly? We will tackle these questions and try to answer them all in this article.

The Uses of Portable Oscilloscopes

Portable oscilloscopes, as their name suggests, are easy to carry because of their compact size. Even though they are small, they still vary in size and the smallest versions of portable oscilloscopes are almost as big as a coin. However, their size do not limit their capabilities. They still store so much information and features for their small size.

Being able to offer the same functionality as bigger oscilloscopes is a great advantage of Portable Oscilloscopes That is why they are often used in field work and regular testing. Portable oscilloscopes are very useful for anyone who work with oscilloscopes in their day to day life.

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What are the differences between a Regular Digital Oscilloscope and Portable Oscilloscope?

The main issue with traditional oscilloscopes is their size and weight. That is why regular oscilloscopes are not carried around and often preferred for settings like classroom, laboratory and so forth. On the other hand, portable oscillospoces are considerably lighter and they use a battery instead of connecting to a plug.

To sum up, portable oscilloscopes offer more flexibility for the electrician and make their daily life much easier.

Pros and Cons of Portable Oscilloscopes

From a professional point of view, portable oscilloscopes have no disadvantages. They are easy to use, small, light weight and as useful as the traditional ones. However, getting used to a portable oscilloscope may take some time for seasoned electricians who have been using traditional models for the majority of their professional life.

In our day, the world changes in a very fast pace and we all have to keep up. Portable oscilloscopes help both new and seasoned electricians keep up with the recent technologies. They are compatible with newer devices such as computers, tablets and smartphones.

As we mentioned before, another obvious benefit of using a portable oscilloscope is their transportability.

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