Choosing an Automotive Oscilloscope in 4 Step


The oscilloscope is an element of electronic testing equipment that allows waveforms to be seen, making it much easier to see problems occurring in an electronic circuit. One of the areas where the oscilloscope is used is the automotive industry. How to choose an automotive oscilloscope? What are the features of the best automotive oscilloscope? Let's examine together.

How to Choose an Automotive Oscilloscope

Let's see 4 steps together to choose an automotive oscilloscope.



The automotive oscilloscope has additional functions designed for cars compared to normal oscilloscopes. Using the automotive oscilloscope is quite easy. One end of the automotive oscilloscope is connected to the computer and one end to the car. Some accessories are used at this stage. A wide range of high-quality sensors, connectors and accessories are available to help you make your measurements. Color-coded premium test leads, output pins that allow you to access the connector pins and current in the fuses, back fixing and piercing accessories that allow you to probe and pierce insulation behind the connector boots to access the conductors inside the cables, allow you to measure fuel pressure, cylinder compression and even smoke puffs coming out of the tailpipe. Pressure sensors or current clamps that allow you to cut AC and DC currents without separating them. These accessories will be very important for measurement when choose an automotive oscilloscope.



Another important factor when choose an automotive oscilloscope is the updates. With each new software update, the automotive oscilloscope improves and ease of use increases. Some features that come with updates are as follows.


  • Testing charging circuits,
  • Initiation process,
  • Ignition process,
  • Testing different sensors,
  • Making actuator tests,
  • Making pressure tests,
  • Testing CAN and LIN Bus communication. 

The latest technology of the automotive oscilloscope you choose will be useful in order to benefit from all updates.



Another determinant of the automotive oscilloscope is the bandwidth. Bandwidth is what determines the maximum value the oscilloscope can measure. For this reason, bandwidth should be taken into consideration when choose an automotive oscilloscope. The bandwidth should be higher than the maximum value to be measured. Otherwise, the results will be incorrect.

4.Sampling Rate


The final point in choosing automotive oscilloscope is the sampling rate. The unit is the sampling frequency (S / S) per second and the frequency of the exponential oscilloscope to signal sampling. The faster the oscilloscope is sampled, the higher the resolution and clarity of the waveform, the less information and events will be lost. Therefore, this detail should be taken into consideration in the selection of the automotive oscilloscope.

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What is The Features of Best Automotive Oscilloscope? 

In order for the automotive oscilloscope to perform well, it must have some features. The features of the latest technology automotive oscilloscopes are as follows. The fact that the automotive oscilloscope has the following features is very important to take advantage of the technology.


  • Automotive oscilloscope provides automatic installation of voltage scale and time base with one click,
  • It works in all brands and models of modern vehicles,
  • It is compatible with LIN, CAN and FlexRay bus standards,
  • Reads and displays electrical signals in high resolution waveforms,
  • Automotive oscilloscope allows manual editing of the measurement parameter image,
  • It records and analyze waveform data,
  • It has a color-coded 4-channel control panel,
  • It offers intuitive user interface design, easy trigger point adjustment and real-time scale information display,
  • It can be connected directly to the power supply via USB connection,
  • It can make free online software updates over the internet,
  • Automotive oscilloscope has a portable design with strong body and protective rubber boots. 

How to Use Automotive Oscilloscope? 


Oscilloscopes are one of the most frequently used devices of the electrical electronics industry from past to present. Specifically, one of the areas where oscilloscope is frequently preferred is automotive. When the history of the automotive oscilloscope is examined, it is not faced with a process that is as practical as it is now. In particular, it can be observed that the size of the oscilloscope is much larger. However, with the development of technology from past to present, changes occurred in every field. One of the areas that experienced change was oscilloscopes. While the first use of the oscilloscope in the automotive industry is made with large machines, it has become much easier today.


Today, automotive oscilloscopes, which are available at very affordable prices, can be measured or damaged with a positive user experience. By connecting one end of the oscilloscope to the car and one end to the imaging device, you can perform all operations easily. The best part of the oscilloscopes used today is their ease of use. Measurements can be made without having detailed information about the oscilloscope.

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