Features of Handheld Oscilloscope

handheld-Oscilloscope      Handheld oscilloscopes are one of the 4 types of oscilloscopes. Handheld oscilloscope refers to portable oscilloscopes. Oscilloscopes are important devices for electronics, engineers, students and many people who manage with electronic devices. Since they detect voltage on the circuit in a time depending phase, they give more functional information than voltmeters. This distinguishing feature makes preferable oscilloscopes by users. Besides, types and their usage areas are important to choose. Although they measure same thing in the basic, sometimes you need to shape your choose according to your work. Also, types can give different performance features according to their design. Their technical performance should be considered too when you are buying.

Bandwith, rise time, sample rate, long record length are one of the first criteria. In the oscilloscope world, there is a kind of passage from analog oscilloscopes to handhelds. Depending on the needs and technological developments, digital oscilloscopes replaced with analog oscilloscopes. On the other hand, being digital was not enough, of course they are still alive and very famous, now portable in other world handheld oscilloscope and USB oscilloscopes are suitable for field works and preferable. Let’s look at handheld oscilloscope in detail and so, you can determine what type of oscilloscope you need in your work.

    When you ask what is handheld oscilloscope, first answer is going to be that it is a portable type of oscilloscope. So, you can use this oscilloscopes in your area or outside works more effectively because they can offer great opportunity in terms of  transportation and weight. Also, you can gather various measurement informations eventhough they are small. Field tests, maintenance, installation, troubleshooting are some of measurements that you can get from handheld oscilloscope. Their other different feature from traditional ones is that they use battery power. Moreover, you can see well-protected feature with this type of oscilloscopes since they are portable and they are used mostly in the field so, they are under the risk from external factors. However, as we mentioned, their designs are more detailed in terms of safety. Even though they look like small and not suitable for different works, from heavy industry purposes to telecoms, auto-research, engineering and calculating, they are useful for many areas. Robust data logging is another important feature to choose a handheld oscilloscope. Furthermore, because of their battery, many people can think that it is not useful. However, due to its design, you do not suffer from many wires and wasting time. They have few wires and they are not complicated. 


Isolated analog inputs also give extra safety for circuits, especially for short-circuits, by using this feature, they can be resistant. Handheld oscilloscope can help people who work under great voltage and risk. Also, field measurements and outside or difficult areas require more safety features.

Additionally, portable, handheld oscilloscope can bring fast to your work because you do not need handle with extra set up stuff. So, if you are work in a risky environment in terms of electronics and you need save your time, using handheld oscilloscope can help you to work more efficiently.

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