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With the development of technology from past to present, changes occurred in many fields. The field of electricity and electronics was one of the sectors that experienced change and transformation like any other. While the size of the tools used has decreased, their functions have increased. Let's examine what the oscilloscope is and the point it came with the transformations it experienced.

What is oscilloscope?

The oscilloscope is a measuring instrument that can detect the time and amplitude of electrical values ​​and display them graphically on the screen in signals. It can transmit electrical values ​​such as voltage, current and frequency. It is a preferred measuring tool in the control and repair processes since it can measure and transfer many values ​​at the same time. Most of the time, voltmeters were used to measure electric currents, but the situation changed with the oscilloscope's graphical presentation of all these values. Oscilloscopes are the devices with the most measurement possibilities as they are the advanced version of the multimeters. Oscilloscopes are basically divided into 4 different types. These;


  • Analogue Oscilloscope: Analogue oscilloscopes, which have the same working principle with scuba television, work with cathode ray tube. Today, they are not preferred much.
  • Digital Oscilloscope: Digital models, which are one of the most preferred oscilloscopes today, work with microprocessors. They have many different options with the developing technology.
  • USB Oscilloscope: USB oscilloscope, which is the most preferred oscilloscope of recent times, is a portable device since it does not have any screen. In addition, the computer and the necessary software are required for the imaging to take place.
  • Handheld Oscilloscope: This type of portable oscilloscope is generally preferred in field studies. It is very easy to use.

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What is Minis?

Minis is the smallest oscilloscope in the world. Developed by Compocket, Minis actually aims to create a change in this field. In general, oscilloscopes are very expensive and difficult to use devices. Especially its dimensions are an element that reduces the effectiveness in project use. Mini oscilloscope, on the other hand, is an oscilloscope that was created in detail. Minis is an oscilloscope that allows to reflect electrical values ​​digitally thanks to industry 4.0 technology. Pocket oscilloscope is much smaller in size than analog oscilloscopes. It is about a palm size. This feature actually enables Minis to be moved anywhere.

Thanks to Minis pocket oscilloscope, measuring has become much more digital. Measurements can also be made on a tablet, phone or computer. One of the biggest problems in the use of oscilloscope is the design of the machine in a very detailed and complex way. Mini oscilloscope allows to measure digitally with finger movements instead of the buttoned layout on the oscilloscopes. With this feature, it leads many people to use the device easily.

Using Minis is not as difficult as using other oscilloscopes. The only thing to do is to connect Minis to the device with a usb cable and download the application to the device. Pocket oscilloscope does not require making various settings such as analog oscilloscope, and connecting to the power supply. Since it is very important to use the devices used in the most effective way today, Mini oscilloscope takes a step forward in this sense and provides a successful user experience with its user-friendly interface.




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What is the advantages of Minis oscilloscope?

Minis pocket oscşlloscope has many advantages over other types of oscilloscopes. The advantages of Minis are as follows.

Size: Given the overall oscilloscope dimensions, Mini oscilloscope is a revolutionary product in this regard. Known for being the smallest oscilloscope in the world, this device performs with increasing performance as its size decreases. Its small size also makes it easy to carry.

Ease of Use: Minis is an oscilloscope that is much easier to use than other oscilloscopes. But Mini oscilloscope is a portable and effective product that is very easy to use.




User Friendly Interface: Minis is an oscilloscope used through its application. Therefore, pocket oscilloscope does not require various adjustments such as known oscilloscopes. Buttons on the analog oscilloscope can be used thanks to the application. With the buttons inside, touches can be disabled, trigger settings can be made, measurement panel can be used, sampled signals can be seen, div information can be received, signal operations can be made, mode selections can be made, signals can be started and stopped at any time, and many more operations can be performed. As mini oscilloscope is seen, it has an interface that has a lot of functions and these functions are transferred with a successful user experience.

Application: Mini oscilloscope is very practical to download and update the software of Minis. At the same time, it is possible to share the measurements provided by this software from various channels. This feature is very advantageous for data transfer.

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