New Generation Oscilloscope (2020)

minis-oscilloscopeOscilloscopes have been around for almost a century now. Moreover, the earliest variations of oscilloscopes date all way back to late parts of 19th century. You must have heard by now that Oscilloscopes are very integral for electricians.  However, what makes Oscilloscopes so special that it is still very relevant today? How it has evolved over the years? In this article, all your questions about oscilloscopes will be answered. You will learn all about oscilloscopes, different oscilloscope types and Minis oscilloscope, a brand new type of oscilloscope that will change the scopes for you forever!

Types of Oscilloscopestypes-of-oscilloscopes

There is a good amount of oscilloscope types out there. The high demand for the device created many different oscilloscope types. From medicine to automotive, many other industries besides electric, also utilize oscilloscopes. Moreover, the capabilities of those oscilloscope types vary as well. So, there is a quite difference for different oscilloscope types. Let’s dive deeper into the oscilloscope types to learn more about them.

Analog Oscilloscope


The first ever oscilloscope type, also known as Cathode Ray Tube, Analogue oscilloscopes have paved the way for so many technological advancements.  Contrary to newer types, analogue oscilloscopes are heavy devices that are hard to carry. Even though they are almost hundred years old, there is still a good possibility for you to come across an analogue scope. Even though it has its limits, analogue oscilloscopes are still the most accessible scope type. Furthermore, analogue oscilloscopes are still better and more capable electrical test instruments than newer devices like multimeter. This just proves once again that there is no alternative to oscilloscopes.

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Digital Oscilloscope


The most popular oscilloscope type, digital oscilloscopes are the most capable scope type. Digital oscilloscopes can not only store previous data on its digital storage but also automatically implements that data when needed. This is just one aspect that makes digital scopes better than its predecessors. Some digital oscilloscopes are also easy to carry and allow field work for users. This is such a huge improvement over the analogue scopes which made the life much easier for electricians working in the field.

Digital oscilloscope is a scope type by itself, however, there are so many different kinds of digital oscilloscopes that this type needs its own sub-types. So here are some sub-types of digital oscilloscopes.

·         Digital Phosphor Oscilloscope

This is a sub-type of digital oscilloscopes. The difference between them stems from the usage of parallel processing structure by the digital phosphor oscilloscope .

·         PC Based Oscilloscope

PC Based Oscilloscopes are actually digital oscilloscopes. Yet, their reliance on PC’s to actually work, makes them unique. Thanks to a variety of softwares related to oscilloscopes, all the adjustments can be made automatically in PC oscilloscopes. Another advantage of PC Based oscilloscopes is their portability with Laptops. They vary in sizes and some sizes can be even smaller than hand-held oscilloscopes, which is surprising but welcomed.

·         Mixed-Signal Oscilloscope

Another sub-type of digital scopes, Mixed signal oscilloscopes are a combination of the capabilities of regular digital oscilloscopes and the measurement capabilities of logic analyzer.

·         Mixed Domain Oscilloscope:

Mixed Domain Oscilloscopes are a combination of the capabilities of regular oscilloscopes and a spectrum analyzer.

·         Digital Sampling Oscilloscope:

This is a special type of oscilloscope which deals with extremely high frequency signals. Digital Sampling Oscilloscopes’ speed and bandwidth is 10 times higher than regular oscilloscopes.

·         Portable Oscilloscopes

Even though most new generation oscilloscopes are portable anyway, there is still a sub-type of digital oscilloscopes called Portable oscilloscopes. They are also known as handheld oscilloscopes. These types of oscilloscopes come really handy in field work or place where there is no power outlet.

·         Automotive Oscilloscopes

Automotive oscilloscopes deal with the electrical problems of cars. They are also a sub-type of digital scopes. Not just the problems, automotive oscilloscopes can help you learn more about your car. You can investigate sensors, solenoids, primary and secondary ignitions and many more parts of your car with the help of automotive oscilloscope. You can even use a laptop with automotive oscilloscopes to better investigation.

·         USB Oscilloscope

USB Oscilloscopes, as their name suggests, are oscilloscopes that work as USB’s. They are still a part of our sub-types of digital oscilloscopes. However, as you might guess, they are extremely easy to carry and very convenient to use. Not only electricians, even people interested in electricity can get a USB oscilloscope and start to work with it. It Is a very beginner friendly device.

Minis Oscilloscope

Minis Oscilloscopes are a brand new USB oscilloscope that will make huge differences for every person working with electricity! They are fast, light, and effective. Due to their effectiveness Minis oscilloscopes will be your best friends in labs during your work.

Minis oscilloscopes are a product of dozens hours of design and work. Everything about them is carefully planned and they are designed to reach both maximum availability and capability for a scope.

Another thing that distinguish minis oscilloscopes from its predecessors is its easy to use layout. Regular digital oscilloscopes have so many buttons in their control panel that it is easy to get lost among them. However, with minis oscilloscopes, you can do all the adjustments by just touching the screen with your fingers.

Constant software updates Minis Oscilloscopes offers is another difference maker for the device. The brain team behind Minis are constantly working to perfect their already amazing device.

The ability to export your works with Minis Oscilloscopes is just another advantage of this beautiful device.

Last but not the least, Minis oscilloscopes allows its user to perform 32 level average and persistence without any slowdown.

Overall, minis oscilloscopes, since the day were released, have changed the oscilloscope scene with its practicality and effectiveness. They are easy to use, easy to carry and easy to get addicted to! It is the perfect device for both the electricians and scope enthusiasts. So if you are looking to buy a new oscilloscope and haven’t decided on what you really want, you should really check out Minis Oscilloscopes

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