Tips For Getting An Oscilloscope For Sale


The device used to measure electrical voltage is called a voltmeter. The information provided by the voltmeter is only related to the magnitude of the voltage. It is also possible to say that it presents the direction of the voltage to its users with numerical data. The device developed for people who cannot understand or find the information desired from the numerical data in question is the device called oscilloscope.

Oscilloscope, which is a device that works by applying voltage, has wide measurement possibilities. It is a great advantage in terms of understandability that it shows electrical energy in wave form. The oscilloscope, which displays the amplitude as time dependent graphs along with the change in both current and voltage values, makes the pulse and gap times, frequencies and periods, amplitude of the signals available.

Conditions such as high input impedance, measuring the voltages at very wide frequencies at the same sensitivity level, showing the voltage value by reducing the error rate regardless of the waveform, determining the maximum level of the value that can be measured after making the necessary adjustment, are the situations that show the advantages and reasons of the oscilloscope. The buttons on the oscilloscope and their meanings are as given below.


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  • Secs/Div: It determines the horizontal resolution of the signal present on the screen. This button is available to set how many microseconds or milliseconds each of the horizontal squares on the oscilloscope.
  • Volts/Div: It is the button to determine the vertical resolution and adjust the tension of each frame in the context of the vertical step.
  • Trigger: It is a fall found only in digital oscilloscopes. This button is used to determine at which signal level to start measuring.
  • Horizontal Pos: A setting used to adjust and fit signals of length and size that will not fit on the screen.
  • Auto: It is used only in digital oscilloscope. It is used to ensure that signals that do not fit on the screen, such as horzitonal adjustment, will fit. However, while horizontal adjustment is used only to adjust the horizontal position, Auto makes it possible to adjust both the horizontal and vertical positions.
  • Stop: This button, which is only available on digital oscilloscopes, allows the image of the signal to be taken and recorded at any time. This button is very important for people who want to examine the current value later.

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What to Look for While Searching an Oscilloscope for Sale?

Are you in search of an oscilloscope for sale but don’t know what to look for? Worry not, we will walk you through the process!

Before dwelling into more technical information, you must first learn about the different types of oscilloscopes. There are four types: Analog oscilloscope, digital oscilloscope, portable oscilloscope and USB oscilloscope. Each of these types offer different advantages, that is why the first choice you need to make is about determining the specific type you need. In order to make a good choice, learn about the different types of oscilloscopes and their unique features. Assess your needs and make your choice accordingly. All four types of oscilloscopes ultimately accomplish the same thing however they vary in how they work and what sorts of features they offer.

If you want to use your oscilloscope for scientific purposes, analog oscilloscope is not a good fit for you. Even though it will still do the job, this type of oscilloscope is very outdated and make the measurement process very labour intensive for you. If you are looking for a quirky souvenir, analog oscilloscopes are the perfect fit.



Digital oscilloscopes are most demanded and sought after type of oscilloscopes. The reason for their immense popularity is their consistency. They have been the reliable and sustainable option for years. Since digital oscilloscopes did not really have any competition before USB oscilloscopes emerged, they dominated the field.

USB oscilloscopes have become more and more popular due to the prevalence of the mobile phones and PCs. Their high compatibility makes USB oscilloscopes much more relevant than the other types. Also, the fact that they have no LCD screen makes them very affordable. Moreover, USB oscilloscopes are very light, compact and easy to carry around. If you are an electrician or technician, it is worth buying an USB oscilloscope.


Used Oscilloscope For Sale Or New Oscilloscope?

 It is not possible to give an exact answer to this question. The oscilloscope that meets the following criteria is available even if it is old. However, it should be known that it is beneficial to buy a new one. The tips for getting an oscilloscope for sale are as follows.


  • People seeking clues to get an oscilloscope for sale should first pay attention to vertical sensitivity. Ideal vertical sensitivity should be 50mV / section. This means that one in twenty of a Volt can be displayed at a size equivalent to the height of a section on the screen.
  • Another factor to be considered is the vertical bandwidth. As the vertical bandwidth increases, measurable signs also increase. However, 25 MHz bandwidth is generally seen as sufficient.
  • Vertical delay is another factor to be considered when getting an oscilloscope for sale. The purpose of the vertical delay is to ensure that the head of the screen marks are not missed. As this time decreases, the quality of the oscilloscope increases.
  • Vertical elevation level is another factor that is inversely proportional to quality. In other words, as the vertical rise time decreases, the quality of the oscilloscope increases. It should also be known that the vertical rise level should be below 70ns.
  • Deflection accuracy is required to measure both pulse widths and signal frequencies with sufficient accuracy. The deflection error should not be worse than 5%.
  • The horizontal deflection zone or time is an element that people looking for tips for getting an oscilloscope for sale should pay attention to.

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