What is Tektronix Oscilloscope?


What is Tektronix Oscilloscope?

What is tektronix oscilloscope? Before learning this, let’s see what is oscilloscope and what it does.

What is oscilloscope – What it does?

The measuring device that allows to see the changes in the electrical voltage depending on time is called an oscilloscope. It is commonly known that a voltmeter is used to make such a measurement under normal conditions but there are some distinctive features between these two devices. The voltmeter can only show the user the magnitude and direction of the voltage in the circuit numerically. Oscilloscope is a device that facilitates understanding by presenting the change of voltage depending on time with a user-friendly approach in a two-axis graph more clearly.

How does oscilloscope work?

We can define the function of the oscilloscope as being able to show electrical signals on a kind of screen. We can explain the working principle of the oscilloscope in its simplest form as follows; After the electron beams occur in a cathode ray tube, it starts to hit the screen covered with special chemical (phosphorus), and phosphors are illuminated with each beat, providing an image on the screen.

These electron beams spread to the screen of the oscilloscope in a very short time and turn the electrical values ​​we measured into graphs where we can see them.

An important point to be considered during this study is that the measured electrical signals show the time on the X axis (horizontal axis) and the amplitude on the Y axis (vertical axis). In this way, an electronic waveform can be seen as predicted on an oscilloscope.




How to connect the oscilloscope to the circuit?

Since the oscilloscope is a voltage measuring device in the circuit, just like the voltmeter, it is connected parallel to the circuit just like the voltmeter.  Different types of oscilloscope probes can be found to make this connection. Oscilloscope probes will be useful in connecting the device with screw connectors called BNC to perform the function of the oscilloscope.

What are the types of oscilloscope?

There are 4 types of oscilloscope used in general. These types are:

Digital Oscilloscope: 

The most common type of oscilloscope is digital oscilloscope. They operate thanks to a fast and high resolution analog to digital converter (ADC) circuit and button, and a microcontroller that can control display functions. Due to the support created by these microcontrollers, signals from the input are fast and have high resolution.

In this way, the signal monitored in digital oscilloscopes can be stopped at any time, triggered at the desired level and recorded.

Analog Oscilloscope:

Devices of this type make up the oldest known class of oscilloscope. It works on the principle that the electron beam in a cathode ray tube deflects on the screen by the input signal applied to the vertical and horizontal deflector coils.


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USB Oscilloscope:

It has the same working principle with digital oscilloscopes. The difference is that these devices do not have a screen. A computer and appropriate software are required to view the signal received with these devices.

Portable Oscilloscope:

This type of device offers the advantage of being easy to carry as it is smaller and lighter than other types. However, they have limited features. This type containing battery and charged models; provides high accuracy. This device, which is mostly used in the field, should be extra durable as it is used for malfunction and discovery purposes. So, they have much more protective enclosure systems.

Which Values ​​Can be Measured with Oscilloscope?

  • Phase difference
  • Frequency 
  • Characteristics of semiconductor elements such as diodes, transistors 
  • Charge and discharge curves of the capacitor 
  • AC and DC voltage values 
  • Waveforms of changing electrical magnitudes 
  • The current passing through the circuit



Tektronix Oscilloscope:

Tektronix is ​​an Oregon-based company founded in 1946. This company has continued its studies on production tests and measurement devices under the roof of American origin Danaher Group of Companies.

In this context, Tektronix produces oscilloscopes, logic analyzers and mobile test devices. The founders of this company are those who found the first triggered oscilloscope invented in 1946, the year the company was founded. Starting out with 12 employees, Tektronix has now become a world giant that has thousands of business partners worldwide and has grossed billions of dollars.

Quite an important measurement device with a kind of Tektronix oscilloscope's distributor in Turkey since 2008, seen as the father of the NETES Engineering and Foreign Trade A.Ş. NETES serves as the Sole Authorized Sales and Service Provider of Tektronix in Turkey. Tektronix is one of the best in the field of test and measurement devices. It is almost unrivaled in tektronix oscilloscope production.

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