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Thank you for your huge interest, sadly we are out of stock. While waiting for the production of the next batch we decided to give you a special discount for a limited time! Order now and get your Minis as soon as it is in the stocks.

Pocket Size, Portable USB Digital Oscilloscope

Model: Minis
Colour: Red
Warranty: 2 years
Weight: 35 grams

Minis gives precision with its high technology hardware, top quality material and simple design. It puts user experience over anything else to give you a better measurement experience. While working on measurements, with its pocket size Minis will alway be there to help you. Just download the Minis application to your preferred device and connect it to Minis with the Usb cable provided with your order. It has 2 channels, 2MHz bandwidth and 10 MSPS sample rate per channel and it has updatable firmware.  


What Comes With Your Order:

Minis, Minis Bag, Probes, USB Cable, Type B OTG Converter, Type C OTG Converter, Windows, MAC and Android Minis Applications

Expected to Ship: 4-5 weeks