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Portable Oscilloscope

It is important to have an efficient and accurate device to measure of your works. It is valid almost for all studies. The accurancy of a work is depend on the checking process of it. By using correct measurement devices and techniques, the work can be reach the level which it should be. When it comes to electronics and their measurements, making effort is also crucial but is not difficult anymore by using oscilloscopes. Thanks to technology, oscilloscopes nowadays improve their working principles and make users life easy by using their design. Nowadays there are four type of basic oscilloscopes in the area , analogue oscilloscope (which is a kind of classic),digital oscilloscope, USB oscilloscope and portable oscilloscope. When we examine all of type, it is easy to see similarities but mostly differences. Whereas their main purposes are same, their some differences make them more considerable, like portable oscilloscope. It is not different in terms of what they measure in a work, but it differentiate itself by design and usage advantages. Still you can reach your measurements about the electronoic voltage in the current in terms of the time dependent value by using this type of oscilloscope but it has much more that. Let’s look at the advantages of the portable oscilloscope in 5 title.

Advantages of Portable Oscilloscopes

  • DESIGNdesignofminis

First difference between portable oscilloscope and others is portable oscilloscope design. This is not only a difference but also it is an advantages which increase the value of portable oscilloscope among others. You can carry a portable oscilloscope easily with you because its design special for it. Mobility is very important nowadays. Many things have became portable and even sometimes in our pocket. We need reach some of things more easily and fastly than other time. If you cannot move your device some place to other, especially if this device is important for your working measurement, it makes you search for alternatives, wasting time and sometimes wrong measurements. More than that, sometimes you cannot know when you need your measurement device in your project, so keeping it with you is appropriate choice. Portable oscilloscope gives you that chance. Oscilloscopes are not very big devices like a refrigerator but still, they need some other apparatus like cables and batteries and more cables. However, portable oscilloscope because of it’s design, do not require so much things to carry with you. MINIS oscilloscopes are a good example for it because you do not need to have many cables but only one or two connection, short cables to measure your electronic voltage in your project. Without any hesitation about forgeting any cable or important apparatus , portable oscilloscope gives you easy carrying experience.

  • SIZE

       sizeofminisWe mentioned a lot about to being portable but how it can be possible if your device is bigger than you can carry? That is the reason other difference and advantage of a portable oscilloscope is its size. Portable oscilloscope enable you to use even very small areas to carry your device. To do that, it has to has small size and lightweight to carry. By using these features, it becomes portable. Size and portability are two basics complements each other for a portable oscilloscope. How these can transfer to an advantage? You can carry you device without any difficulty. You do not need to reserve a big place in your equipment because especially some versions can come with you in your pocket. You can reach your device almost everywhere if you have this kind of device. Additionally, it is not taking up a space in your project table. You can easily find a place for it. It is not heavy so different age groups can have and use it. This accessibility is very precious because by using this advantage, many different people can reach it like from engineers to students.

  • USAGEusageofportableoscilloscope

    If your device is not a handheld style and with a screen, your usage for your measurement can be differentiate little bit. In portable oscilloscope you can see similar using style with usb oscilloscopes. So, you may need a software program on your computer to see your measurement graph and pictures. It can be looked like a diffulty but when you think deeply, nowadays we are not far away from our computers and mostly we can make our measurements on computers more accurately. Without awareness, you can reach your results more clear and correctly. Also, you can save your works on your computer more easily than other types of oscilloscopes.

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  • DATA ACCESSIBILITYdataaccessibility

   Saving, sharing and going back to check... These are important part our life. In our body, brain has this mission by using memory. In the electronic world, we need measurements to save, sahare and check again and again. It is not easy if you cannot save your work to check again or share with your colleague. Sometimes there can be distance with your work team and you have to share the measurement with them. In this situation, your data should be accessible. Portable oscilloscope and it’s connection to the computer make your life easy. You can easily save and share your measurements without lose them. This is also important advantage by using portable oscilloscope.

  • COSTcost-of-portable-oscilloscope

    Small, not heavy, not need so much apparatus, easy carrying... How much it looks like? Sometimes this kind of features make your production expensive but do not worry about it because it is not for the portable oscilloscope. Portable oscilloscope do not require so much cost so when you care your project space, you can care your wallet as well. It is also beneficial for many users from different background but especially for students.

As you can read above, these 5 advantages can give you features of a portable oscilloscope at the same time. By using this advantages , you can make your measurements in your electronics correctly, fastly, safely and nicely. Also, you should consider that, there is a bonus advantages which is outlook of a portable oscilloscope. In stead of classic versions of a benchtop or analogue design, you can get more modern design by using portable oscilloscope like MINIS.

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